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Ultrasonic Brush Cleanser

RM 59.00

This Ultrasonic Brush Cleanser is not only water proof and rechargeable, but also compact, light weight, and uniquely designed to  reach around the face and nose area to ensure gentle deep cleaning. The ultrasound technology creates high frequency gentle sonic pulses of up to 6000 times per minute to clean and exfoliate your skin and pores efficiently. 

The massage mode boosts blood circulation and helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, and also enable your skin care products to be absorbed more easily. Suitable for most skin types.

How to use:
1. Use twice daily for two minutes each time.
2. Use it with Multi-Vitamin Foaming Cleanser or GNBS
3. Turn on, apply the cleanser on the wet brush surface and cleanse face
4. Rinse off after each use.

Just 3 days, the skin is pure and flawless, glowing natural.

1: The silica gel cleanser is a rechargeable device which can adjust the intensity of 8 gears, two vibration modes, face on the front and massage on the back
2: Waterproof all over the body. It can be charged about 50 times at a time
3: Medical silicone is safe and healthy

Colors: rose, pink, blue
Product specification: 9.5*5.5cm