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Travel Size Glow Boost Facial Scrub

RM 12.00

Gentle exfoliator infused with green tea & apricot seeds

Weight : 10 gram


Our GLOW BOOSTER Facial Scrub will be your new skincare bff! Made with natural matcha green tea & apricot seed, we formulated this natural exfoliator to be gentle enough for all skin types and buff away unwanted dead skin,blackheads, whiteheads without stripping your skin of it's natural oils.

Green tea is rich in catechins, which are antimicrobial and help destroy acne-causing bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the redness and inflammation that is often caused by acne.

Apricot oil is great for dry, irritated skin because of its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin A. Its moisturizing properties keep your skin cells hydrated and counter act any drying effects associated with exfoliating your skin, providing you with a healthier and softer skin surface

Multi-use: Use as a morning facial cleanser, makeup remover or in the shower for a face or body scrub!

Superfood ingredients:

• Matcha Green Tea

• Apricot

Apply to damp skin using circular motions. Watch the scrub transform into a creamy lather as the oils absorp to hydrate nourish leaving the skin smoothe and bright

Our GLOW BOOST Facial Scrub is Cruelty-Free, vegan, made with natural ingredients and hand-prepared in small batches 😘

How to use :
Dampen face slightly with water. Just smooth a small amount of face scrub onto clean face. Then, gently massage the face scrub over your face with wet fingers.  Simply wash off with water and pat skin dry. Use 2-4 times weekly, as needed. Best applied morning and at night.